This season, the Jourdan woman soars !



An arch smile playing at her lips, she brims with inventiveness, masterfully combining sensuality and elegance. Her style is her own, and no one knows her as well as herself. She’s the one wearing the trousers. That’s the bold and confident sense of style for Spring/Summer 2018.

Charles Jourdan thrills and delights with an explosion of shapes and exquisite sun-drenched colours. With the taste of summer, she exudes a casual, natural beauty, like a new bud opening at the first rays of the spring sun. Red, green, yellow. Delicate fabric blossoms and ravishing lacquered blooms. This collection is inspired by bright and glossy colours. Stilettos in leather and metal, micro block heels or mules with satin flowers, the Jourdan woman knows which pair will get her to the podium.

Her interlinking chain bag swings from her shoulder, accenting her beauty. Free and enterprising, she has heels for every occasion. High and thin, gold or subtly geometric, all eyes are on her whenever she wears her Jourdans. She is confident in her style, cosmopolitan and keen. The Jourdan woman loves to sunbathe on a chaise longue in the Mediterranean. In the city or at the shore, she doesn’t go without her Jourdans.


Avant-garde, the Jourdan

woman is always a few

steps ahead of the season,

blooming before all others,

as if announcing the

arrival of spring.


She shows us her true colours. Ambitious and sophisticated, she moves easily from cool cocktail to posh soiree, like a fish in water. She surprises us and shines among the stars with her sparkling and fascinating personality. Arresting in her charm everywhere she goes, no matter the crowd, her elegance clears the path. At the streetside café, at the waterfront, till night’s end, she is radiant in her joy. That is the Jourdan woman of Spring 2018; as beautiful as she is inventive, unstoppable and on the rise, staking out her own path…